Cardboard Animal Bedding - 16 Bales (½ Pallet)

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Crafted from clean, recycled material, this bedding is not only comfy but eco-friendly. It's practically dust-free, ensuring your horses breathe easy. Plus, it's a natural insulator, keeping your four-legged pals cosy.

With low dust content, it's vet-recommended for healthier horses. Say goodbye to allergies with our dust-free, allergen-reducing bedding. Your horses won't snack on it either. It's super absorbent, keeping your stables clean, dry, and odour-free.

Choose Cardboard Animal Bedding for a comfy, clean, and horse-friendly experience!

½ a pallet of our product comprises of 16 x 18kg bales of recycled cardboard bedding. 

Customers love our product


Horse Owner

One of my horses has allergies and life in the stable can be a nightmare for him. I’ve noticed a massive difference in his coughing and respiratory health and skin health.


Horse Owner

The product is perfect not just for my Friesians but for me as there appears to be very minimal dust which makes it easier to muck out. Will be ordering again!


Alpaca Farm Owner

We traveled our show team at the weekend, the bedding worked perfectly to keep our alpacas looking great & they were rewarded with a very successful show.