Which Bedding Is Best

Bedding Types Pros & Cons

When it comes to choosing a bedding product for your horse there are always many factors to consider, from the comfort and safety of your equine to how easy the material is to muck out. As there is a great variety on offer, all with various pros and cons it can become a little overwhelming trying to select the right one, especially with the cost implication involved and whether your horse will take well to the product you choose.

When selecting a best bedding product for your horse it is important to take into account their requirements. Do they suffer from any allergies or respiratory issues? Do they have a tendency to eat their bedding? What period of time will they be spending in the stable?

Equally important when selecting a product is to take into account the availability and affordability of the material you choose.

We have put together a list of the most common bedding types and their various advantages and disadvantages to help you decide on the best product for your horses needs.

Things to consider

Absorbency – One of the main purposes of bedding is to absorb liquids and keep the wet away for your horse allowing them to stay clean and dry when in the stables.

Dust Free – This is an important factor to consider if you have horses with allergies or that are prone to respiratory infections.

Mould / Spore Free – Some materials can harbour spores that can potentially lead onto mould if the material is not appropriately stored. Mould has the possibility of being harmful to your horse especially if they are already suffering from particular health issues.

Non Edible – Some horses like to eat their bedding, using a product that is not palatable for horses is the perfect deterrent.

Easy to Muck out – With the amount of time spent completing this necessary task it is important the bed is created from a material that is easy to clean out and maintain.

Muck Heap Reducing – The size of the muck heap is a concern for a lot of horse owners. It is vital to choose a product that does not negatively impact the size of the muck heap

Comfort – Another key reason for buying bedding material is to provide comfort to your equine in the stable environment. Be sure you are happy the bedding material you choose can provide this.

Insulating – It is a good idea to consider a product that is going to keep your horse warm during the winter months but that can also help regulate the temperature during those warmer months where the temperature in the stables can become uncomfortable.

Environmental Impact – With everyone becoming more conscious of the impact our actions have on the environment this can be a factor to consider when looking at different materials – is the product produced from a sustainable source? Is the packaging recyclable?

Price –Making sure you purchase the best bedding for your equine within the budget available to you is an important factor to consider - is the pricing of the product sustainable or is it likely to raise?

Availability – Some bedding products can be seasonal so can be harder to come by at certain points of the year. It is always worth checking if the material you are considering purchasing is a seasonal product or if it is always readily available throughout the year.