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What makes cardboard animal bedding better?

Find out why cardboard is fast becoming the best option for animal bedding

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Dust Extracted

Our cardboard bedding product is virtually dust-free, perfect for horses with respiratory problems

100% Recycled Content

Our bedding is made from 100% recycled cardboard shredding that naturally biodegrades

Naturally Insulating

Cardboard is a naturally insulating material, keeping animals warm in the winter and cool in the summer


Unlike other animal bedding, cardboard is non-palatable, meaning the animals generally won't eat their beds!

Highly Absorbent

Cardboard has high absorbent properties compared to other bedding, providing a more comfortable, dry bed for your animals

Customers love our product


Horse Owner

One of my horses has allergies and life in the stable can be a nightmare for him. I’ve noticed a massive difference in his coughing and respiratory health and skin health.


Horse Owner

The product is perfect not just for my Friesians but for me as there appears to be very minimal dust which makes it easier to muck out. Will be ordering again!


Alpaca Farm Owner

We traveled our show team at the weekend, the bedding worked perfectly to keep our alpacas looking great & they were rewarded with a very successful show.

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