How to use


How ever you choose to set up the bed, Best Animal Bedding will provide a comfortable, warm, virtually dust free environment for your Horse.

To set up a bed based in a standard size stable with rubber matting, ¾ of the stable 3-4inches deep, with banked sides you will require approximately 4 bales to start and then dependant on your mucking out methods you can top up the bed accordingly.

Setting up a bed using Best Animal Bedding Cardboard bedding is very simple. Here’s how to make a bed from scratch:

Step 1 – Ensure the stable is clean and dry before starting

Step 2 – Open and empty approximately 4 bales of Best Animal Bedding into the stable

Step 3 – Using a fork spread the bedding evenly over the area

Step 4 – Check the depth of the bed (should be at least 4 inches) add more bedding if required

Step 5 – Be sure to bank the bedding up the sides of the stable

Step 6 – Sweep any loose bedding from the front of the stable and the bed is now ready to use


Mucking out methods

Full Muck Out – The British Horse society strongly recommend fully mucking out the stable daily as it ensures all droppings and urine is removed from the stable thus providing the healthiest environment for the horse.

This can be a must when less absorbent bedding products are used.

Part Muck Out – Preferred method when time is short. Dropping are removed daily during the week, leaving the wet with a Full Muck Out at the end of each week. Extra bedding is added as a top up throughout the week.

Requires a high absorbency bedding that draws the wet to the bottom of the bed to ensure the horse remains dry

Deep Littering – This system is seen as the most economical as droppings and wet areas are removed daily, then new bedding is applied on top and levelled as required. Entire bed is then removed (usually every 6-8 weeks) and a new one re-laid.

A high absorbency bedding is preferable to ensure the top layers remain dry and the wet is held underneath and away from the horse

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